Streamline your recruitment process with our software

Our recruitment software is online, so you can log in from any location. The software (which we Cactus™ name) is intended for both SMEs and larger organizations, secondment, recruitment & selection and temporary employment agencies.

How it works

Our recruitment software ensures that the candidate goes through an automated process. The structure of Cactus™ contributes to higher productivity and smoother cooperation between the recruiters.

New candidate!

It starts with adding a candidate in Cactus. Fill in the personal data and preferences. When the person is saved, he or she enters the first phase.

Connect a recruiter

Linking a recruiter to the relevant candidate ensures an efficient way of working. Every recruiter can find the responsibilities, figures and candidates in one overview.

Clear phases

Go through the same phases with every candidate. These phases can easily be tailored to your organization, so that the process runs smoothly.

Contact moments

Several colleagues can perform tasks for each candidate. Thanks to the contact moments, all colleagues are always aware of the latest status.

Success rate

The recruiter attaches a percentage to the candidate's chance of success. This success rate ensures a more effective time allocation.

Online to-do lists

Create tasks and make a recruiter responsible. This makes communication easy and there is a clear overview of the tasks to be performed.

Documents in the cloud

Place the documents in the database. The documents therefore always remain linked to the relevant candidate and they are easy to find.

Offer candidate

When you have a suitable candidate ready, it is possible to offer it to the team where he/she will work or to external client*. They can then see the data, documents and comments of the candidate presented and decide whether they want to have them come for an interview.

* Customer portal only available in our plus package.

Analyze and optimize

Analyze the trajectory of the candidates. At the touch of a button, an overview appears that calculates the average lead time of the candidates, the number of registrations per component and per phase.

The benefits of our recruitment software

On a row.


We scale

Set up the phases according to your own choice. Every organization is different. That is why we provide a recruitment tool that is designed so that you have total control over the layout.

GDPR compliance

Since a lot of personal data is stored, this software is completely secure. Essential for this recruitment software.

Export data

Filter by the preferences or the stage the candidates are in. Export the data and you have the right target group in one file. Ideal for importing to Mailchimp for example.

*Can be switched off in the plus package. We offer a built-in mailer, so you can send all your emails from one system.



Enter the questions that are necessary during an intake interview. This provides a fixed template that offers structure during the intake interviews.

Mobile friendly

Our recruitment software can be used via mobile phone. This allows you to easily stay informed of the entered tasks and people.

Always online

Of course, this recruitment tool can be used by several people at the same time. As a result, you will not experience any discomfort during the operations.

Subscriptions that grow with your business

Prices of our recruitment software.


3 administrators

∞ Candidates

€199,- €150,- / month


10 administrators

∞ Candidates

€250,- €200,- / month


∞ Administrators

∞ Candidates

Customer portal

Send mailers

€280,- / month

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