Staff scheduling Software for your organization.

Easily schedule staff, change shifts, clock hours worked, communicate via push notifications, manage documents online, submit expense claims and view schedules in real time. Experience the convenience of our all-in HR system yourself: Héron.

Heron's Features

Due to its flexible layout, Héron is suitable for almost any organization and can be fully configured according to your wishes.


View work schedules in real time via the mobile app



Submit and view your expense claim anytime, anywhere on your mobile phone

In accordance with collective labor agreement

Plan in accordance with the collective labor agreement applicable in your sector

Marketplace function

Extra flexibility in your staff planning through the marketplace function


AVG Proof

Process personal data in accordance with privacy legislation

Payroll administration

Prevent errors, link your time registration to your payroll administration

Document management

Add documents to employees and plan more effectively

Error-free billing

Invoices that seamlessly connect to your time registration

Apply patterns

Plan more efficiently by using patterns



Staff simply communicate availability via the app


Clock systems

Register start and end times of services with our clock systems

Leave registration

Insight into open and approved leave requests

Worked hours

Access to a personalized overview of hours worked


Push notifications

Communicate effectively, use push notifications

Mobile app

All action options collected in one place, the app


Process personal data in accordance with the GDPR. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the General Data Protection Regulation Implementation Act (UAVG) apply to all organisations, including conditions for creating personnel files. For example, personal data must be appropriately secured, employees must be informed of what data is being collected and personal data may not be kept longer than necessary.

Read more about the GDPR and the conditions for creating personnel files on the website of the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

GDPR proof

Korma has ensured that all relevant GDPR measures have already been implemented for you in Héron. As a result, the processing of personal data within your organization with Héron always takes place in accordance with the GDPR.

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