The videos on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn have become indispensable these days. That is why it is a good platform for sharing videos as a brand. But how do you ensure that they are also viewed? Below are a number of do's and don'ts to keep in mind when using video marketing.


  • Focus on telling a story
  • Respond to your customer's needs
  • Grab the customer's attention within the first 5-10 seconds: with teasers or questions that will be answered later. 
  • Try to touch the viewer by making them laugh or empathize with the story.
  • Tag the video with the correct keywords so that the video is easy to find.
  • Make sure that the identity of your brand is reflected in it: colors, music, design, etc. 


  • Don't focus on selling your product
  • Don't make the video too long
  • Don't make it too boring 
  • Don't just put your video on one platform