FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions

About Korma

Who is Korma?

Due to the intensive collaboration between Koraal PMS BV and Maral ICT, the well-known Korma IT Solutions was created. With our close-knit team - consisting of 12 colleagues - we do our utmost to realize the goals of all our customers. For more information visit our "about us" page 

Who is Koraal Group?

We at Korma are part of Koraal Group. Take a quick look at the website Coral Group what else we all do.

What is the Heron planning app?

the Heron planning app that is made from Korma software is used by both employees and employers. This handy planning system can be adjusted entirely to your wishes. Would you like more information about our app or software? Check this page or contact us https://korma.nl/software/heron/

System & Software

Will you arrange the switch from our current system?

We want to make the transition to Korma as easy as possible and are ready to help import your work processes and data from other systems. Your input in structured and logical data delivery is crucial.

In addition, we offer comprehensive training sessions, an implementation plan and user guides to ensure a smooth transition. We strive for smooth cooperation and are ready to support you every step of the way.

Who can log in via Korma?

you decide this yourself. WWe have set up three portals: one for the intermediary, one for the healthcare professional and one for the care recipient. As an agent, you have full access to everything, including viewing, setting, executing, and correcting information. On the other hand, healthcare professionals and care recipients only have access to what you set specifically for them.

How quickly does the software develop?

Korma is always striving for the highest possible functionalities, speed, stability, ergonomics & design.

Together with our customers, we develop the best ideas that are then built by the team. 

New functionality is added all the time. We always offer these to you for approval in a demo environment for further testing. 

This way we only update new functionalities that you can start working with immediately.

Can my staff onboard easily?

Certainly we can create a registration button, which allows your staff to onboard and then receive personal login details. 

Finance & payments

Do I have to pay immediately?

No, you only pay after implementation 

Is it possible to get a demo?

the different demos available:

Cactus RPO

Heron Workforce 

Octane VMS

If you are interested, please contact us

Documents & Data

What does your privacy statement say?

Read our here privacy declaration

Is your question not included?

Or would you prefer direct contact? No problem, contact us! We are ready for you.