Are you not really a crea-bea, but do you still want some nice content on your website and social media that you too can distinguish yourself from the countless companies online? Don't worry, we got you! Not every company has the space and resources for 100 departments with multiple specialists in each department, so perhaps not even a specialist in creative writing. But that doesn't matter at all. With a little of your own imagination and our tips for creative writing, you too will be writing the best pieces on your website and social media in no time. 

Tips and tricks on how you too can write creatively

Know who you are writing it for

Don't know the company's target group yet? That becomes a bit difficult. Knowing who you are writing for also makes creating content a lot easier. You're not going to start racing against someone who wants to buy a piano. So know who your target group is. Find out how old they are, which channels they use online and what their interests are. 


Good content doesn't just appear out of thin air. Therefore, brainstorm about which topics you can write about. You can do this alone, but like most things it is more fun together. This way you also challenge each other to come up with cool ideas. Of course, make sure that it suits the company as well as your target group. Getting inspiration online (or from your competitor) is never a bad idea. But the saying 'better a good steal than a bad idea' does not apply to this. The company wants to distinguish itself, so don't copy someone else. 

Customer interest

Just as mentioned in the do's and don'ts of video marketing, the customer's interests are also essential here. That's why knowing the interests of your target group is so important. Investigate what they find important and what they associate with. The more they recognize themselves in a story, the more interesting they find it.

Get started

Just start writing. Write down what you can think of and try to make it a fun and interesting story for yourself. Because if you wanted to read it, everyone would, right? Unfortunately, that is not always the case, but practice makes perfect, they say. Let your colleagues read it and ask them for feedback. In the end, you too wrote a nice piece of content!

If you really can't figure it out. Then there are also plenty of companies that can do this for you (like us).