Sam Vermaat tests our APP

Jan 23 2024 | Blog

Professional snowboarder from the Netherlands. 👋🏼

Sam Vermaat professional snowboarder from the Netherlands.
We asked Sam to test the app in the mountains to see if the quality is reflected in the Korma It Solutions APP.

1. Is the APP stable in the cold?

No problem, the battery can be a cause due to the low temperature!

2. How is the speed of the APP?


The speed of the APP is great if you just have good connections to your 4G or WiFi!

3. Is the APP clear?


Yes, it's quite simple, at the top left there is the menu with all the functions and from there you can choose with some shortcuts at the bottom!

4. Does the APP have nice functions?


Yes, they are nice functions, I think the planning is very clear and you also have a quick overview and you can easily click through and make adjustments!

5. What do you think of the design?


Yes, it is a stylish app, which is also nice that you can choose your own icon!


If you have any questions about the system, I can be reached by email or by telephone at +31 6 15 24 41 70. You can of course also respond to this message.


Hopefully see you soon!

With kind regards,
George ten Dolle
Korma IT Solutions

Want to test it yourself?

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