The Best Social Awards 2018

Been a few weeks The Best Social Awards 2018 been again. Even though it is 'old news' in the social world, we still want to look back on it. This year, The Best Social Awards were presented on June 6 and 7 for the fifth time. A future without social media is indispensable, as you say here can read. But even today we spend an average of 2 hours a day on social media. That is why it is certainly not wrong, as The Best Social Awards itself puts it, to give the crème de la content a stage.

Voting processes

There are two types of voting processes at The Best Social Awards: Business and Public. In the Business voting process, companies must submit their own case and can then be nominated. The Public voting process is slightly different, in this process everyone can submit suggestions. This way you can nominate your favorite internet heroes! 


The 2018 awards have already taken place and that is why we have listed this year's winners for you.



Best Story


Best Livestream

ABN Amro

Best Influencer Campaign


Dear Account


Best Campaign


Best Talent

Vienna Kortland

Best Video

Amsterdam denim

Best Chatbox Campaign

Ziggo – Guide of Thrones

Best Innovation

Van Gogh Museum x Facebook

Best Copywriter


Dear Inhaker


Best Brand

Dear Webcare

Dear Personality

Tim Hofman

Dear Youtuber


Dear Muser


Best Entertainment Page

The pin

Best Message from the Police

Come to the Police

Dear Politician

Jesse Klaver

Best YouTube series


Dear Animal

Police Dog Bumper

Best Brand

Best Comment

Sanne Gruijs

Dear Instagrammer

Why vloggers whine

Dear Twitterer

Ranger Tim

Dear News Page

Nos Kort

Best Message from the Neighbor

Pippi Whinestock