The future of

 Social media

Social media has become inexplicable from our lives today. Your parents, your children, your best friends and you may spend most of their free time on social media. Not only do you want to show the best of yourself here, but this is also a still rapidly growing platform for companies. In addition to being ideal for announcing your latest products or services, it is also useful for communicating with consumers. 

Because everything moves so quickly in this digital century, new platforms continue to be added, but many of them are no longer important in a short time. But as a company, would you like to know which social media you should invest your time and energy in? 

Social media à la 2018

Instagram stories

Companies are showing up less and less on consumers' timelines, for example at Facebook. That is why Instagram stories are an ideal way to communicate with your target group.

Target audience

Which goal group do you want to achieve? When the older generation also starts using Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, the younger generation often looks for the next platform.


Such as Facebook Messenger Bots, this provides direct communication with your consumers. 


Many brands already use popular influencers to advertise their products. There is a side note to this, since this happens so often, consumers no longer know whether the influencer is honest about how he/she likes the product. Therefore, spend time looking for an influencer who is known for his or her honesty.


Snapchat is being used less and less, after Kylie Jenner said she didn't use it much anymore, its use dropped dramatically. In addition, Instagram Stories is actually an improved version of Snapchat and therefore less use is made of Snapchat.

Video marketing

About you can do video marketing here Read how to create a strong video for your company.

Live video

Live videos are being used more and more often. With content such as breaking news, online competitions and questionnaires, many are turning to live video to engage consumers. 

Sufficient content

Since everyone stares at a screen all day, it no longer matters when you post something. It is more important that you post enough content to attract your followers to your brand.