Yesterday was animal day again! And that has to be celebrated. Extra cuddles, something tasty and just a day of being extra kind to your sweet animal. But animals are of course not only found in your home or the zoo, there are also plenty of creatures that have to work every day. That's why we want to put them in the spotlight.

Just to start talking about marketing, how often do you see a sweet dog or a cool animal in marketing? To be short and sweet about that, very often. But why do animals work so well in marketing? 

Animals in marketing

The goal of every marketer is to make an emotional connection with their target audience. However, this is often easier said than done. The way you make an emotional connection with your audience is to relate to them, often on a personal level. For the most part, we all love animals. And using animals in advertising is a great way to grab our attention.

These creatures get our attention and even make us anticipate the next new commercial in which they will appear. Animals can quickly become the face of a brand and many marketers are strategic in how they select these animals and what kind of personality they give. The goal is to grab and keep our attention. And what better way to do that than with a cute, fluffy dog or comical reptile?

So every time you see a sweet, fluffy animal on TV, in the newspaper or via social media, remember that they are not only incredibly sweet but also work hard!