Why is relationship building so important in the marketing world?

1 Jan. 2022 | Blog

In recent years, everything has been done via a computer, laptop, telephone, iPad, tablet, you name it. It's all super technological. Which of course has brought a lot of advantages. I also don't think you'll hear many people complain about what's possible compared to 20 years ago. But if we even look at it, it has become a lot more impersonal compared to 10 years ago. And that is not only the case in your group of friends, it is also the case in the business world. But why is that personal bond, creating a relationship, so important?

Why build relationships?

If you want to build a successful business, the company should focus on building relationships with three key audiences: customers, influencers, and competitors. This is why building relationships with these audiences benefits your business. You may find it more than logical to build a relationship with your customers. But it's easier said than done. Of all your relationships, your relationship with your customers can be the most important and the most difficult. That's because customers know when you're not authentic. They have been pursued for years by brands looking for a quick sale. But customers want more than just a one-time purchase. They want to build a long-term relationship with a brand.

How do you do that?


Your strategy should be twofold: listen to and understand your customers, then give them what they want.  Before you start a marketing message / campaign, or anything else, always research your audience. Who are you marketing to? What do those people want? Asking these simple questions can help you better understand your customers. And therefore also understand what their needs are and how your company can meet these needs.  It's also important to make your customers feel special and valued. You can do this by personalizing your emails, sending special gifts to important customers, and personally reaching out to dissatisfied customers. You want your customers to get to know you and your company better. Once they know you, they will trust you.

Influencers, 'Influencers'

Having a direct relationship with your customers is important, but it's not the only way to get through to them. Sometimes a third party can be a valuable partner in building relationships with your customers. But first you need to build a relationship with that person. Relationships with influencers should be mutually beneficial. How can you help each other? What can you do for each other? It must be a win-win situation, of course. Try to contact these people and let them know what you can do for them. And those references? Your customers will notice them. Influencers already have a respected reputation in the industry (most of the time), so your customers trust their opinion. If influencers recommend your brand, you can be sure that your customers will listen to them.


Now you're probably thinking why on earth and many other names, do you want to build a relationship with your competition? But instead of thinking of your competition as something to be destroyed, think of your competitors as a valuable resource. You both focus on the same target group. By exchanging information regularly, you can learn more about what is best for your business.  And if you don't have a bad word about your competition, you also show that your company has integrity. Customers don't want to hear how terrible your competitors are. They want to hear how good you are. If you focus more on what your customers want, they are more likely to trust you. And when they trust you more, you can build the relationships that matter most.