How do you keep your visitors on your website?

April 26 2018 | Blog

As a company you naturally want to get as many visitors as possible to your website. Just a few clicks is not enough, whether your company sells shoes or provides information about fossils. You also want them to do something on your website. That is why we have drawn up 5 tips that can be applied to any website to ensure that your visitors stay on your website.


Minimize the amount of advertisements. Nothing is as annoying as a website that is completely filled with 100 advertisements and you actually have no idea what is or is not an advertisement.


The same goes for pop-ups. Your visitor is scrolling across a page and must first click away 83 things before he or she can view or read what he or she came for in the first place.


Content. Too little content makes the visitor think that the website is not up to date and therefore not relevant. Make a plan for when you want to put which content on your website and make sure that there is a theme that also suits the company.


Contact information. It probably sounds very logical, but it really should be on a website. How else can a visitor contact you?


Visually attractive website. This brings together a few things. As mentioned earlier, 100 advertisements is not attractive, especially when you cannot see the difference between an advertisement and the website itself. But it must also be clear in the look and feel of a website what kind of company it is. And of course you also want your website to look attractive, if you have difficulty with that you can always hire a company to do that for you (hint hint).