Technological developments in 2018

In addition to our creative people in the marketing and design department, a few smart minds also ensure that the technical part of Korma runs smoothly. That is why we not only want to share the latest trends in (online) marketing with you, but we have also listed the technological developments that will occur in 2018. In addition, a world without technology is almost inconceivable. 

Technological developments


Artificial intelligence will reshape business strategies

Artificial intelligence is bringing massive changes to business operations, reshaping entire industries with the power of advanced technologies and software. Some companies are now recognizing the value of implementing the artificial intelligence strategies for their business and a great leap towards artificial intelligence is underway. 2018 will be the year when the leading companies will integrate artificial intelligence applications into their strategic and organizational development.

The craziest ideas that used to be difficult to believe are coming true. The constant development of algorithms and AI technologies will make every business data-driven and every industry smarter.


Blockchain will reveal new opportunities in various industries

You can't be part of an IT company without knowing about blockchain, everyone is talking about it now. A revolutionary decentralized technology that stores and exchanges data for cryptocurrencies. It forms a distributed database with a digital register of transactions and contracts. Blockchain stores an ever-growing list of ordered records called blocks, each containing a timestamp and a link to the previous block.

This technology reveals many new possibilities with applications in several other areas. Due to the growing role of social responsibility and security on the Internet, blockchain technologies are becoming increasingly relevant. In a system that uses blockchain, it is almost impossible to concoct digital transactions, so the credibility of such systems will increase.


New approaches to privacy and security are emerging

Technological development increases the importance of data, so hacking techniques are also becoming more advanced. The increase in the number of devices connected to the Internet creates more data, but also makes it more vulnerable and less protected. Internet gadgets are becoming increasingly popular and widely used, but they remain extremely insecure in terms of data privacy.

Machine learning will be the key security trend delivering a probabilistic, predictive approach to data security. Implementation techniques such as behavioral analysis enable detecting and stopping an attack that can bypass static security systems. Blockchain has drawn our attention to a new technology called Zero Knowledge Proof, which will develop further in 2018, enabling transactions that secure user privacy using mathematics. Another new approach to security is known as CARTA, Continuous Adaptive Risk and Trust Assessment. It is based on a continuous assessment of the potential risks and the level of confidence, adapted to each situation.


The Internet of Things will become intelligent

Intelligent things have been in the spotlight for several years and with continued expansion and improvement in 2018, they will influence another global trend: the Internet of Things.

A network of intelligent things working together will be created where multiple devices will work together to fully develop the Internet of Things. Connected to the World Wide Web and combined through wired and wireless communication channels, things will turn into one big integrated system that will cause a major shift in human-machine interaction. The convergence of Artificial Intelligence with the Internet of Things is bringing forth new amazing technologies to create smart homes and cities.


Discussions about ethics will become more heated

As the AI industry makes significant progress in performing various tasks and actions in everyday life, questions regarding ethics are being raised. Who is to blame when an artificial intelligence unit commits an illegal act? Do AI bots need rules? Will they be able to take over all human jobs?

The first two questions assume that one day a bot will be legally recognized as a person and can take responsibility or be punished for their actions. Although this may not be the case at this point, discussions around ethics are already heating up. Considering various possibilities, scientists are trying to find a compromise regarding the rights and responsibilities of the bots.

However, the possibility that robots will take all workplaces with them is almost zero. Of course, the AI industry is developing extremely quickly, but it is still in its infancy. In 2018, the hype surrounding this question will diminish. Once we better understand how to interact with AI and get used to it, the myth about robots taking over jobs will be dispelled.

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