The simple piece of paper with all your education, work experiences and perhaps some enhanced skills, what we also called a good CV 5 years ago, is now a bit old-fashioned and not really distinctive. With a nice email explaining why you want that job so much and what you can add to the company, the employer is no longer concerned about it. Maybe just a little sleepy. In most professional groups, this is no longer a distinctive way of applying for jobs. It has to be bigger, more unique, more innovative and it is much more about showing what you can do and who you are than just showing it on a piece of paper. It will of course differ per profession what they are looking for and how you can best apply. But we have listed a few tips for you that will help you a lot with the 'new' job application. 


Let's start with your resume. Because those three pages with all your education, work experiences (the part-time jobs you had when you were 15 are not very relevant anyway) and your favorite hobbies are not very inviting to look at. That doesn't mean you can't submit a CV to apply for a job somewhere. But it can really be a lot more attractive to the eye. Just up Pinterest There are plenty of examples of visually attractive CVs. Just make sure it fits the job you want. But also that it suits you.

See an example of my own CV here on the left. I would like to bring out a bit of myself, which is why I have added hobbies and a lot of color. But if, for example, I apply for a job at a more formal company, I can replace different colors for a single-colored background. You can show yourself in many ways, by using color or more or less text. And this way you also ensure that you distinguish yourself from all the others when applying for jobs. 

What else?

In addition, there are many more ways to show yourself. Nowadays people are often asked to give a presentation about themselves. This can be done with a simple PowerPoint, but there are so many more ways. Just be careful that it does not become a group 8 presentation with crazy animations during a slide transition or that the text is written letter by letter. The most important thing is to really look at where you are going to apply and what kind of job it is. Does it suit you anyway? If so? Top! Then make sure that the method of applying also suits you. You can't imagine anything so crazy. Videos, magazines, something in 3D, etc. 

Try something out and have fun! Only in this way will you really find out what suits you. And of course the internet is full of examples and inspiration. But make sure you use it as inspiration and don't copy it, otherwise you won't be distinctive yet.