Online time registration

Register hours worked online and in this way gain insights and more control over your organization. The time registration offers you an overview of the hours worked by your staff.

Employees receive a personalized overview of the hours they have worked, which can be viewed in the online portal or via the mobile app

Advantages of an online time registration 


Both employee and employer keep track of the hours worked. Employees have through the mobile app access to an overview of the hours worked by them. Employers and authorized persons have access to an overview of all hours worked within the organisation/department.


Staff register and account for hours quickly and easily online via the Korma app. Or instead of clocking manually, choose to link your online time registration to one of ours clock systems and thus record the actual start and end times of services in real time.


Gain insight into the hours worked by your staff and make adjustments where necessary. Use the insights gained to plan the future personnel planning and in this way increase the effectiveness and profitability of your company.

What is the basis of your time registration?

Korma offers you the option of letting employees register and account for the hours they have worked online in the mobile app or via our online portal. You can also choose to have the time registration take place based on one of our clock systems. For example, we offer clock systems that use RFID drops in combination with a local terminal and clock systems based on your local WiFi network.

Online synchronization

The time registration is constantly synchronized online. As a result, you always have an overview of hours worked that is up-to-date and you have access to the current time registration of your organization anytime, anywhere.

Check and edit registered hours

Authorized persons within your organization, such as the planner, can then manage and check the time registration. Authorized persons within your organization can therefore be offered the option of manually editing incorrectly clocked hours.

Salary administration based on your time registration

Your time registration can be linked to the salary administration. This ensures that the salary payments to your employees always correspond to the hours worked by your staff. In this way, unnecessary errors can be avoided. The time registration can be linked to an external system that arranges the salary payment. This way you are assured that staff will receive the correct salary on time.

Invoicing based on your time registration

The time registration can also form the basis of your invoicing. Invoices are made based on the hours worked by your staff on a project. As a result, your invoicing connects seamlessly with your time registration and it becomes clear in your invoices how long; by who; what was being worked on.

Talking about the possibilities?

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